Much like life, exercise is about the journey – not the destination. Those who see it as a lifelong commitment (as opposed to a short-lived endeavour to meet a specific goal) tend to enjoy the process more and get the most out of it.

Our client Stacey Morrow (a lawyer) and her husband Chris Yu (a pastor) are prime examples. They’ve been semi-private personal training clients of ours for years. They consistently show up ready to work with a great attitude and have seen fantastic results because of it. Here’s their story, in Stacey’s words:




Client Spotlight: Stacey and Chris


1. How long have you been training with Nielsen Fitness?

My husband Chris and I have been working out with Nielsen Fitness since 2013. A long time – with a variety of different trainers.

2. What motivated you to pursue personal training?

We were trying to do better for ourselves and carve out time to spend with each other. I wanted to get in better shape – and Chris was on board as well.

We’ve done gym memberships before – it just doesn’t fit with our lifestyle. We were looking for personal motivation and convenience.

3. What do you like about working with Nielsen Fitness?

The personal service. It’s not a cookie-cutter type of program. They gear every workout to the client and their unique needs. For instance, my husband has back issues – so our trainers plan our programs with this in mind. They’re very careful to make sure he doesn’t injure himself, and also plan exercises to help him strengthen it safely.

4. What changes have you noticed?

We are both trimmer, which feels great, but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I can do things I couldn’t before. In our workouts and also everyday life. I can climb the stairs like nothing now where once I would have been sucking wind.

That’s a good feeling – and what it’s all about, really. We love that there’s no stagnation – there are always new goals, new milestones to reach.

5. Speaking of, what’s been a major milestone/success for you?

Pushups! When I started with Nielsen Fitness, I couldn’t even do one. And now I can do 100 of them in a single session. I’m really proud of that.

I’m also proud of the fact that, back when we started I sometimes couldn’t keep up with Chris – but there are nights now where he has a hard time keeping up with me!

6. Any advice for people on the fence about getting back in shape?

If you’re thinking about it – just start. And then commit. You’ll be so glad you did. Also, it isn’t about perfection; life comes up – we have a kid, busy jobs, etc. – but Nielsen Fitness is really understanding when that happens, and we always come back. It’s important to commit for the long term and be forgiving of yourself when there are minor setbacks. Because there always will be.

7. What excites you most about the future and your health and fitness goals?

I used to be very focused on the scale, but have come to realize it’s not a great measure of where I’m at. I have a mini goal – which my trainer knows about! – to rock a sleeveless backless dress. I sent him a pic of what I meant – so that’s what we’re working towards right now. Other than that, I’m just excited to continue to feel strong.

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Updated on January 13, 2023.