Doubting ourselves is completely normal. However, it’s one of the biggest reasons we don’t achieve our dreams or goals – and, in many cases, never try in the first place. 

The truth is that no path to success is linear. We all face hurdles and challenges along the way – it’s part of the process. They key to success is belief in yourself and your ability to overcome challenges and be successful, even when faced with bumps in the road. 

How to Stop Self-Doubt In Its Tracks

Tip #1: Find a goal that gets you excited!

Goals should ignite a fire inside of you. You should be doing it for yourself, not anyone else. The key here is finding one that gets you excited and that makes you want to achieve it. Maybe this means being able to play tag with your grandkids by getting back in decent shape. Perhaps it’s simply being able to perform a squat without knee pain. Whatever the case, make sure it’s something you want.

Tip #2: Break that goal into several smaller goals.

Once you have that big and exciting goal, break it up into smaller steps. For instance, you won’t be performing an ultramarathon right away. So, get excited about achieving that 5-kilometer distance first! Then, add those smaller goals from there.

And don’t forget to celebrate! Count one success at a time. If you need someone to help you with this and cheer you on, Nielsen Fitness can be there for you every step of the way! Our online personal trainers can help you stay accountable and on route toward your bigger goal.

Tip #3: Get an accountability partner.

Whether this is a friend or a Nielsen Fitness personal trainer, an accountability partner offers an external source of support. Thus, when you are doubting yourself, they can provide the motivation and accountability you need to keep at it. 

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An accountability partner will help you to believe in yourself and overcome any challenges.

At Nielsen Fitness, we can even work with you and your workout buddy or you can request to be paired up with another client by us. This helps you share your goals, double your success, and even split the cost!

Now… Repeat after us: “I am open to success!”

Ready to get started? Contact Nielsen Fitness today. Our team is ready to help you achieve your goals and more!