No Equipment? No problem. You don’t need much (at all) for a great at-home workout.

If you’re thinking about getting in shape, you might be researching equipment – but the reality is you don’t need big weights or other fancy tools to work out effectively at home. In fact, many of the personal training clients that come to us (many who are doing this for the first time ever!) begin with bodyweight only and see great results.

It all comes down to effective program design – which happens to be our specialty. We’ve helped thousands of clients achieve their goals at home with little to no equipment – here’s a run-down of how we do that:

How to Work out Without Equipment

Leverage Bodyweight

With exercise, there are always options. You can perform bodyweight movements from your stomach, kneeling, standing, side, and more. Additionally, there are countless ways to progress and maximize these exercises, ensuring continuous progress toward your goals.

People are often surprised to learn that an effective workout can be had in a space as small as 5×5. It’s all about using the space – and your body! – creatively and effectively.

Leverage The Wall

Everyone has a wall at home – and we aren’t afraid to use it for exercise! You can use the wall for balance when doing single-leg movements. Or you can use it to actually perform certain exercises, such as a wall sit or wall press – it is a versatile and highly-underestimated tool.

Bring In Portable Tools

There are several highly effective fitness tools that can amp up your workout options for a minimal investment. For instance, a Swiss Ball can be used to perform push-ups, hamstring curls, and stability exercises, and bands offer unlimited ways to challenge your muscles. We often bring these with us for in-home clients, and have been known to gift clients with some key pieces as they progress on their fitness journey.

Take The Stairs!

If you have stairs in your home we’ll often use them for cardio and things like step ups. If you don’t, not to worry – it’s simply one tool in our large box of tools.

Not Sure Where to Start?

At Nielsen Fitness, our team is ready to help you start making moves toward your health and fitness goals. Whether you need a personal trainer in Toronto or a virtual personal trainer, our team is dedicated to your success. Contact us today for more information.

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