Are you looking for a way to get your heart pumping without having to invest in expensive gym equipment? You’re in luck because there are plenty of exercises you can do at home that will get your blood flowing and your sweat pouring!

Our team is the best in the business and knows their stuff, inside out and backwards – so we’ve asked 5 of them for one easy-yet-impactful no-equipment cardio tip. Here’s what they had to say:

How to Do Cardio Without Equipment: 5 Tips From Trainers

1. Get Outside

“I would say my tip would be to try and enjoy the great outdoors for your cardio! Going for a run, bike ride, or a long walk in the sunshine is a good cardio workout, plus the sunlight helps to increase serotonin production (makes you happier).” – Darbie 

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2. Utilize Your Environment

 “If you have limited room, there are exercises that you can do that are space efficient and challenging. A personal favourite is the side step hop rectangle which is great for combining lateral movement with a plyometric jumping movement. You take one step to the side, then jump forward on both feet emphasizing a gentle landing, then step to the opposite side, making sure to squeeze the glutes and keep your knees out. Then you jump backwards, again landing softly on both feet, and you’ve made a rectangle with your movement. You can progress this by increasing your tempo, jumping further, taking wider steps, or reversing the order.” – Matt 

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3. Climb Mountains

“I love incorporating mountain climbers into a HIIT set.” – Simmie 

How to do it: Start in a planking position, making sure your hands are shoulder-width apart and your back is flat. Then, pull one knee as far into your chest as you can. Keep switching legs as fast as you can (at a comfortable pace) while watching your breathing.  

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4. Try Something New

“If you’re typically opposed to cardio and looking to get more into it in the comfort of your home, online Zumba or dance classes (youtube)  are great ways to move your body while enjoying the workout. The music adds a motivational element and keeps the workout light-hearted and fun! 

Lastly, if your goal is to incorporate a few cardio movements into your regular workout routine I would recommend some shadow boxing. It is a full-body workout that can also really target the core and work in multiple planes of motion. This exercise also requires speed, and hand-eye coordination, and can be done anywhere at home or in the gym with zero equipment!” – Brooke 

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5. Get Your Heart Pumping

 Circuit training is great for cardiovascular health. Try shorter rest intervals between sets.” – Andre 

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The Support You Need

If you want more tips on how to do cardio without equipment, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to get the support you need.

We are proud to offer virtual personal training (everywhere) and personal training at home (in Toronto). Wherever you are, and at whatever fitness level you’re starting at, we’re here to help you. Contact us for more information or to request a free first workout!