Various life-threatening diseases are associated with abdominal (aka ‘belly’) fat. And, as we age, we also naturally lose muscle mass — which is all too often replaced with fat. Luckily there are some things you can do to prevent harmful fat gain:

How to Lose Belly Fat

Tip #1: Start a Food Diary

This tip is all about awareness, because so many people aren’t conscious of what they consume, which leads to overeating and, over time, excess fat.

The simple act of recording what you eat will make you more aware and help you identify areas where you might be consuming too much. As you progress with your tracking, you can set specific goals to track.

Tip #2: Sleep Well

When you sleep well, you have more willpower. You’re also more likely to be active and participate in exercise. When you’re tired, on the other hand, willpower is low which can lead to snacking on serotonin-producing comfort foods or snacking late at night — when you should be sleeping!

Tip #3: Be Active Every Single Day

Instead of snacking or lounging around when you’re bored, get outside and go for a walk, or take up an active hobby, such as skiing. The goal is to make movement a priority every day — not just once and a while.

Tip #4: Get Support

Hire a personal trainer. Or if you’re concerned about COVID, a virtual personal trainer is a great option. At Nielsen Fitness, we are here to help you set goals and show you the best way to accomplish them. Personal trainers can further offer nutritional advice, as well as provide the encouragement and accountability you need.

Tip #5: Give It Time

If you gained weight slowly, expect it to take a while to come off. Research shows sustainable weight loss takes time. More often than not, quickly losing fat results in the yo-yo effect where you gain it all back and more. Avoid this by creating sustainable lifestyle habits that you can continue to perform after you’ve lost weight.

Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Belly Fat

Are you ready to say goodbye to your belly fat? Nielsen Fitness is here to help. We offer in-home personal trainers in Toronto and virtual personal trainers. Start working your way toward your goals today!

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