Trainer Spotlight: Meet Liz

We’re pleased to introduce one of our excellent Nielsen Fitness personal trainers: Liz!

Lizette grew up participating in both team and solo sports such as basketball, soccer, and gymnastics, which was an important part of her upbringing. This, along with her father (who is a doctor and career runner), encouraged her to pursue the same passion for health and fitness by graduating as a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. Her ideal clients are those who are kind to themselves and enjoy variety and creative movement. She looks forward to climbing mountains in her 60s and she hopes some of her clients would like to do the same!

Learn more about Liz below!

Meet Liz: Nielsen Fitness Toronto personal trainer

Trainer Spotlight: Liz

1. What got you interested in fitness?

I grew up participating in both team and solo sports such as basketball, soccer, and gymnastics, which was a massive part of my upbringing. On top of this, my dad is a doctor and career runner, regularly participating in both full and ultra-marathons. His commitment to and passion for health and life-long physical challenge encouraged me to find the same love within myself. I hope to inspire my clients to see health and fitness as a tool to improve not only the quality of their lives but the length of time they are able to use their bodies to do amazing things!

2. Why did you choose to be a Nielsen Fitness trainer?

I chose to work with Nielsen Fitness because it’s a company that puts health first, using personal training as a tool to help people above all.

3. What’s your favourite exercise and in-home exercise equipment?

My favourite exercises are always changing based on my training focus and mood, but right now I love a weighted windmill or a reverse crunch to extension (cocoon)! My favourite piece of in-home exercise equipment is a dumbbell! You can do a lot with just one or two.

4. What’s your top health and/or fitness tip?

It’s really important to congratulate yourself for the little successes. Having short-term goals, where you can see the progress as coming in small increments, is really motivational to keep going towards those longer-term goals.

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